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The ministries of the church are accomplished through the ministries of the people of the church. Serving in ministry is a biblical mandate and all are welcome to serve. All memeber will act according to the scriptures and the churches constitution, handbook and policies of the church. Non members will not be able to assume ministry leadership roles.



A Ministry of intercessors who offer prevailing prayer for you. The Ministry is dedicated servants of God who truely accepted the call of ministry, although diverse in age, gender and praying styles they have a passion for spreading the good news and fullfilling the ministry to which God has called them.

Elders / Deacons


A group of elected men who assist the pastor in servicing the needs of the congregation. They are dedicated and loyal supporters of the church and pastor . These men are appointed by God to serve the church in every area of need. These disciples of God are exprected to live by the example prescribed in the Scripture.

Sunday school


The Sunday Schools Ministry is to teach the word of God with power to all so that  change may impact lives. There are classes for the seniorand young adults. The goal for the ministry is to change, empower and equip discipleship with the Word of God. Sunday School teaching is to help you learn more about God and help your relationship with the Creator flourish.



The Youth Ministry are committed and trained youth leaders who are called to positively impact the spirtual lives of the youth at Mount Sinai and the community. They help to ensure the youth are maintaining the perspective and acknowledges there relationship with Christ and the church.



Evangelizes through music with a joyful priase. The Music Ministry is dedicated to lifting up Christ through songs of praise and worship.



The Culinary Ministry is composed of several committed individuals who have been called to serve others. They are stewards of God that have answered the call to be of service to others.

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