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Our Pastor

Reverend Christopher Strickland, the son of Mary Rich and Edward Strickland, was born and raised in the Washington, DC. Reverend Strickland was educated in the DC Public School system of the District of Columbia. Reverend Strickland accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of ten and was baptized. He graduated from Anacostia Senior High School in 1999. He accepted his calling to the gospel ministry while in high school. In 1999, Reverend Strickland was licensed to the ministry by the New Birth Missionary Baptist church under his beloved pastor and father figure, the late Rev. Clay Edmondson. Reverend Strickland started seminary school in 2006. He progressed through his studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from the Washington Baptist Seminary in 2010. During his time in seminary school, he was honored to be ordained by the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in 2009, as ordered by Pastor Edmondson before his passing. After the passing of Pastor Edmondson, Reverend Strickland joined the Mount Paran Baptist Church under leadership of the Rev. Dr. Willie T. Lawson where he served as an Associate Minister for over 10 years. In 2017, Reverend Strickland became the President of the Associate Ministers division of the National Capital Baptist Convention of DC & Vicinity. In this role, he provides resources, training, and service to new and veteran ministers in the convention. Reverend Strickland truly has a passion for youth and church leadership. In 2022, Reverend Strickland accepted the call to become the Pastor of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Strickland loves the Lord, and he enjoys preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Aside from ministry, he is a proud parent of two children, Christopher Strickland Jr., and Chyane Strickland. His greatest ambition is to see young people come out of the darkness and into the light of Jesus Christ.

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Moved by the Holy Spirit of God, the seeds of our heritage, established Mount Sinai Gospel Mission. The Church was organized April 13, 1979 under the leadership of Reverend Henry L.Hutchin’s home. Religious services and Bible training to include Church School were conducted at the Oakcrest Elementary School at 919 Hill Road, Seat Pleasant, Maryland and the youth for Christ Mission in Seat Pleasant.

Prior to the school and Church facility meetings, Bible study was held at Reverend Hutchins home.


The original members included Mr. Thomas Cooper, Mrs. Edna cooper, Mr. James Geeter, Mrs. Emily Geeter, Rev Henry l. Hutchins, Mrs. Daisizie Hutchins, Rev. Franklin M. Jordan, Mrs. Willa Jordan, Mrs. Gloria Shropshire and Mrs. Wilbert A. Talbert. The Mission held its first service on September 29, 1979 at Oakcrest Elementary School including the first communion (Lord’s Supper).


 The first Sunday being designated as the official date that communion would be administered. We did not become stagnant with the lethargy of waiting for our blessing; remember Matthew 18:6, “ And I say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, “ and Mt Sinai Gospel Mission pursued and accomplish the necessary paperwork for charter from the  State of Maryland. On December 29, 1979


Mt Sinai Gospel Mission became the Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church, services were conducted at the First Baptist Church Highland Park. The Rev James J. McCord, host Pastor with members from the Far East Ministerial Association and the Baptist Conference, opened and conducted the various services. We can still hear the resounding voices as they echoed. “We

Come This Far by Faith.” But the journey did not stop there. The Christian soldiers kept right on marching! This ministry has produce various: Minister Carson, Minister Crump, Minister Curtis Pope and Minister Cynthia Sondheimer. Minister Stacey Evans.


With a charge to keep and a God to glorify, we rejoice today knowing that the Church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ the Lord. Where would we be if we as Christian Soldiers did (refuse) to follow after Righteousness, Godliness, Faith and Hope. Rev Henry L. Hutchins retired many years ago and Minster Cynthia Sondheimer was voted in as interim pastor.


And in April 2022 Christopher Strickland was voted in as the current Pastor of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist. 



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